Vitamix 7500 vs 6500

The Comparison Between Vitamix 7500 vs 6500! Updated ✅

A blender has become an essential equipment for kitchen these days. Most of the time, blenders are used to make smoothies, vegetable purees, and even ice blended drinks for those days with special occasions that you wish to celebrate with friends. Nevertheless, there are those blenders that can actually do a lot more, such as cut, chop, slice, and dice. Vitamix blenders are here to give you some help, and to show you that with a Vitamix Blender, you can join the movement. In this article, we will compare another two powerful variants, which are Vitamix 7500 vs 6500 – Let’s get started:

Vitamix 7500

The Vitamix 7500 has a height of 17.5 inches, a length of 9.4 inches and a depth measuring 7.7 inches, this is one big blender right here that can create smoothies for the whole family in seconds.
It is around 13 pounds in weight, making it easy to carry because of a low-profile design when serving homemade ice-blended caramel frappes or something similar. This Vitamix blender has a 10-speed blending system that is adjusted by the soft touch dial in the middle.
This same dial allows the 2-horsepowered motor to power the laser-cut single metal blade that can reach speeds of up to 240 miles per hour. Over 300 Vita mix recipes can be found in the recipe book included in it along with the 7-year warranty, you are assured of great performance every single time.

Vitamix 7500 photo

Vitamix 6500

The features of the Vitamix 6500 are state of the art yet remain at a level that is easy to use for individuals of varying ages. The control switches of the machine are conveniently placed at the front to facilitate easy operation. The controls include a speed dial from 1 to 10, allowing the user to manipulate the speed to suit varying intended purposes.
The greatest advantage one will get upon purchasing this model is its high powered electric motor. This tough machine effectively charges up to 2 HP, something no other product can match. This is where its effective strength of being able to cut and process food with ease comes from. This also guarantees that the product will never give up on you even if it means grinding even the toughest nuts you can imagine. This is by far, the best kitchen purchase one could ever make.

Vitamix 6500 photo

Differences of Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 6500

The feature which makes Vitamix 6500 superior than 7500 is its 3-presets setting, giving you the freedom to perform various kitchen chores, such as preparing smoothies, blending soup, or else, whereas the 7500 has no built-in presets. Moreover, there is no major change in the sizes of 6500 and 7500, but yes the size of 6500 is little bit larger than 7500. So, according to their sizes, the operating button is located at the front of Vitamix 6500, whereas the power switch on 7500 is located at the back of the machine.

Similarities of Vitamix 7500 vs 6500

Blades specification are the main attraction in Vitamix Blenders – So, there are no surprises because both Vitamix 7500 vs 6500 models comes with same blades composition, which is made of stainless steel. Moreover, the company has made no change in its profile and 64-Ounces low-profile container is the main attraction for the machines. Further, both are equipped with a powerful motor of 2.2HP and their adjustable speed from 1 to 10 gives an edge on other Vitamix models.
Either you’re a professional or a housewife don’t miss to enjoy the recipe book and tamper for those tricky item, which comes with both versions of Vitamix that let you enjoy hassle-free blending because of the added advantage of 7-years warranty.

Side By Side Comparison, Vitamix 7500 vs 6500

ModelsVitamix 7500Vitamix 6500
Size 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 inches17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 inches
Volume Next Gen 64 oz containerNext Gen 64 oz container
MaterialBPA free container BPA free container
Motor 2.2 HP Next-generation motor2.2 peak HP
ColorAvailable in black, red, whiteAvailable in black an white
Weight13lbs7.38 lbs
Preset buttonNo3 preset buttons – smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups.
PriceCheck AmazonCheck Amazon

Vitamix 7500 vs 6500

Pros & Cons Comparison


Vitamix 7500Vitamix 6500
Variable Speed Settings
More Affordable than the 7500
Very Powerful and Serve the same purpose as the 6500Variable Speed Settings
Better Motor Housing than 6500
Three Presets


Vitamix 7500Vitamix 6500
More expensive than 6500Housing not as sophisticated as 7500

Conclusion on Vitamix 7500 vs 6500

Vitamix blender reviews  are proof that this tough machine is the best purchase you can ever make for your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional cook or a housewife, this product is sure to be able to attend to all of your needs.  Both the Vitamix 7500  and the Vitamix 6500 are great blenders, anyway we will suggest you buy Vitamix 6500 since it has the 3-preset buttons.

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